Kam offers a variety of massages which are all infused with her intuition and aromatherapy with a option of scents.

Prices are $70/hr, $100/90 min, and $120/2hr

Gratuity not required, but always appreciated.

For details on her yoga services, visit www.yogavortex.com

Swedish Massage – promotes stress relief, relaxation, enhances deep sleep, and improves overall health.

Sports Massage – Strengthens the body for athletic performances, reduces muscle tension, knots, stiffness, soreness, and pain. It also increases vitality, body alignment and aids injury prevention.

Neuromuscular Therapy – A series of techniques to treat trigger points, referral pain, and any injuries that are acute or chronic.

Reflexology – A memorable treat for the feet, excellent for melting away fatigue, a tired body, depleted organs or overused systems of the body. Includes an herbal foot wrap with heat therapy. Feet and lower legs are nourished with healing arnica oil, tea tree oil and a combination of soothing massage techniques.

Thai Massage – Combines deep tissue, use of pressure points, stretching, and energy meridians in unique sequences. Designed to release blocks, balance emotional energy, rejuvenate muscles, deepen body-mind connection, and dissolve imbalances.

Deep Tissue Massage – A sequence of movements that incorporate work with several layers of muscle tissue to enable release of accumulated tension.
Combines some joint rotation and kinesiology to create effective, lasting results.

Pregnancy Massage – Available after the 1st trimester of pregnancy and with doctor approval. Provide additional pillow support to create optimal comfort
for mom and baby. Designed to target specific areas of discomfort to bring relief and a deep sense of lasting relaxation.

Energy Work – Specific work on chakras -main energy centers to provide release of imbalanced energy and even flow of prana- life force throughout the body.

All types of massage can be combined with Hot Stone Massage for just $5.00

  • Swedish Massage uses minimal clothing with specific draping
  • For all other forms of massage, comfortable clothing can be worn

Please contact Kam for an initial phone consultation to determine the best type of massage for your needs.